Gary Fraser FCCA is the principal of the firm, having started training at the tender age of 15 he has been in the accountancy game for as long as he cares to remember. He worked for Stewart Harcus C.A. in Edinburgh and Musselburgh where he obtained a good grounding in both accountancy and business principles.


He obtained his professional ACCA qualification with Stewart Harcus and when Stewart Harcus retired he was given the opportunity to acquire the practice, he then started up on his own and expanded the practice with new clients though there are still a few original clients with whom he has worked with for over 30 years.


He rented a desk for a few years before opening a new office in Fishers Wynd, Musselburgh but lately he has taken to working from a home office, although a fair number of days are spent out and about visiting clients.


Away from business he is a keen golfer and also enjoys watching football.


Angela Fraser is responsible for all of the office administration and organisation, some people say she is the real boss in the firm.


Gary & Angie also have four kids who occasionally help out with posting the mail or doing the shredding, though the amount of wages they ask for means that they are used rather sparingly.






Chartered Certified Accountants